Childhood friends Tom Hall, Joe Hetzel and Russ Wisniewski began the group along with Tom and Joe's college friend Ron Czaplicki and Joe's friend David Wade.  Group roles in the 2009-2010 timeframe included David as lead singer, Tom on guitar, Ron on keyboard, Russ on bass, and Joe on drums.  After a health situation involving Tom in the fall of 2010, Russ's friend John Koch was added on drums while Joe switched to guitar.  In 2012 the group was reconfigured to include four members, with Joe, Russ and Ron trading off lead singing.   

From 2009 through 2012 the group played primarily 1950s to 1970s classic rock.  From 2012-2014 the group went to a surf rock sound with both cover songs and originals.  Beginning in 2014 the group went through a two year evolution where by 2016 the group established its current format which also incorporated both cover songs and originals.  Gig highlights throughout Ohio have included playing a Progressive Field before a Cleveland Indians game, the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland for a private event, and numerous times at Mapleside Farms in Brunswick. Our music has been played on The Ray Carr Show, WCSB FM 89.3.

The group has plans for a number of gigs in 2023....they typically play 8-10 per year.

Joe Hetzel

Russ Wisniewski

Ron Czaplicki

John Koch